How to Visualize Your Git Commit Log

Just read this article as we are planning to build something similar using Bitbucket.

Anyone try this with bitbucket? We are planning to use the bitbucket rest api to pull the commit log.

Can anyone help with this? Critical for us to get this implemented for our management.

Hi @knayak ,

eazyBI does not have integration with Bitbucket and only git log file format will be recognized in the Source file .txt upload.

Nevertheless, If you are interested only in pull request analysis, it might be possible to use the Bitbucket REST APIs and eazyBI REST API data source to get just that information that you are looking to analyze.

Zane /

Can I talk to some one regarding this during the Summit/Community day in vegas?

Hi @knayak,

Sure, come visit us during Summit on booth 800 or to eazyBI Community Days in Las Vegas.

Zane /