Hyperlinks in Table Report?


I couldn’t really find a definitive answer to this, but I was wondering if it was possible to have Cells from a Column formatted as clickable HTML hyperlinks based on the value of another Column for use in an EazyBi Table Report.
We are using MySQL as our “Source Data” to select/query our database, which already populates both columns.




At the moment, there is no such possibility in eazyBI to add dynamically generated URLs.
In one of the future versions, we plan to add a formatter for Markdown (to make calculated measures clickable) but I can’t share any ETA for this.

Martins / eazyBI team

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that would be an extremely welcome feature for us, too!



That would be great for us too.

Here are two options on how to use URL in custom cube.

Markdown formatter

With the eazyBI version 6.1.0. we included the support for Markdown formatter for calculated measures.

You can define measures with clickable URLs with this formatter.

Here is a description of using it in our community portal:

Here is a report example with this formatter in our demo account.

URL property in custom data cube

If you are defining any custom dta cube with SQL (REST API, or any other custom data import) you can define a property URL. Then for any member wih this property we will show the Go to source option by default.
Here is a mapping screen where I used property URL for a dimension Ticket level Ticket:

And here is how it looks in the report. You can click on a particular Ticket and select an option Go to source for it:

However, you can use either options a default one provided by a proprty URL in custom cube or you can define a new calculated measure with a clickable links with the new option Markdown described above.

Daina / support@eazybi.com