I am trying to create a calculated field in EasyBU

I am trying to select 2 options how would i go about doing that. For example, I would like to see All user stories and Test but currenlty i can either view all the issue types or select one. Please advice on what I should do.

Thanks for all your help!

You should create calculated member in Issue Type dimension which aggregates all issue types you want. Function autocomplete feature will greatly help. Example:

[Issue Type].[Bug],
[Issue Type].[Task]

Please remember that you should create calculated member using only the particular dimension (e.g. calculated members in Issue Type dimension should contain only members of the Issue Type dimension). The only place you can create Calculated Member which uses any dimension is Measures.

Hi Karam,

While creating calculated member is an option, for simply choosing multiple values in Page filter you can click to select multiple in the Page drop down

Lauma / support@eazybi.com