I have created a field "Defect category" which has 7 values but in eazy BI it brings up only 5

Hi Champs,

I have created a field “Defect category” which has 7 values but in eazy BI it brings up only 5.

Below screenshot for easybi report section.

JIRA Filed values.

  • Requirement Specification
  • Architecture/Design Issue
  • Implementation Error
  • Test Approach
  • Source Data
  • Infrastructure
  • Other

Please help me here. Thanks in Advance.

The issue has been resolved.
I observed the current tickets both values not added that’s the reason value not showing easybi row section.
After adding the values in tickets and saved report .Now both values visible on easybi reports.

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Hi Champs,
In report section number of issue count not showing.
Source Data and Infrastructure both values 1 ticket created in march month. Please see the below attched screenshot yellow arrow. how can fix the issue.

Hi @Rahul_Ingle

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From the first screenshot, I can see that you are using the Issues resolved measure; this will return the number of issues resolved in your selected Time period. If you want to see the number of issues created, please select the Issues created measure from the Measures dimension.

You can read more about the Jira Core measures and dimensions used in eazyBI in our documentation: Jira Core measures and dimensions.

Best regards,
Nauris / eazyBI support

Hi @nauris.malitis
Thank you for response.
I have figure out the issue, In the report section resoulation filters is set “fixed”.
My ticket resoulation is “Done” That’s reasons not showing numbers of count.