I need a help to create a calculated formula to show percentage of stories which status is resolved out of sprint issue committed

I am creating report where i would like show DevCount (total stories on particular day in Resolved status), QACount (total stories on particular day in In-Verification or Verified status), Story Planned% (sum of stories in resolved status on particular day / total committed sprint issues on selected sprint).

I am enclosing report template for reference. Please help me to provide calculated formula to generate Story Planned% for the entire selected sprint.

Hi @sksaini,

I will assume that you have a tuple with Issue history measure and Transition status to get you the results about how many issues are in which status per day during the selected Sprint.
To get the 0 value for the days when there is no issue I used val(), this is the measure Done (issue history).

([Measures].[Issues history],
[Transition Status].[done])

Then I created a calculated measure for Story Planned% (in my example I named it Done / sprint committed):

([Measures].[Sprint issues committed],[Time].DefaultMember) > 0
[Measures].[Done (issue history)] /
([Measures].[Sprint issues committed],[Time].DefaultMember)

And I filter the table by Time within Sprint = 1 and add Sprint dimension to Pages.

Gerda // support@eazyBI.com