I would like to know how to filer out a reporter from calculated member of Transition State

I’m using Transition State which is great. However, there is 1 reporter who has 500 of the 600 reported JIRA’s and I want to filter that 1 reporter out. Is there a way to do this?


to exclude some values from the report, you may want to create a calculated member in the corresponding dimension with all members except those you do not want to include in the report.
For that, function Except() might be used.

In your case, the calculated member should be created in Report dimension with the following calculation:

    { [Reporter].[REPORTER_NAME] }

Use needed reporter member name instead of REPORTER_NAME.

Then, in the report, use this calculated member in the rows or as a page filter.

If you have a large number of reporters (hundreds) and complex calculations in the report, the report might get slower when you use the calculated member. If it times out, please, send the report definition to support@eazybi.com and we take a look how to optimize it.


Thanks so much! It worked perfectly. Also, it’s got me way more interested in learning the MDX language.