Import new custom field option

I have added new options to a custom field, but they aren’t appearing after re-indexing and reimporting from source in EazyBI.

This post suggest in cases where you rename a customer filed option, that you should first remove the field from the data to import, reimport data, then add it back and reimport. However, I worry about any repercussions of doing such an action as this field is being used in almost every report. I would feel more comfortable with this kind of destructive behavior if I knew the right ways to backup and restore the data should this break my reports.

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

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eazyBI imports data based on values used on issues. If the newly added options are not selected for any imported issue yet, they do not appear in eazyBI.

They will be imported at the moment when at least one of the imported issues will have those new values.

The topic you related was for a more complex case - custom field name change in Jira. It is quite rare and changes the field setup. Therefore, the steps are more complex.

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