Import new relations that affect only my account

Hey guys how are you.
I have read the information concerning data import relation and I guess that it seems it could solved my problem of hierarchy structure that I have
Epic → Sub-Epic–> Task–> Subtask
I use Tempo to get tempo planned hours but have de following problem.
if I planned some time hours on a task that relate directly from the Epic everything is perfect I can see the hours related to the epic. but if there a sub-epic in the middle the hours are pointed as “no epic” as you can see in the joined picture

for what I can read from the documentation: Import issue links - eazyBI for Jira. it is posible to achieve the hierarchy but it is a general setting that affect all the account present. and I want a Solucion that apply only to my account.

thanks in advance for your reply
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Or maybe is there a way to import the relation of a ticket “related to”.“Ticket number”. by Rest API or a custom field?


The Tempo planned hours should be aggregated correctly once you have the hierarchy working. Custom hierarchies are created only in those accounts, where you select all the issue links needed for the hierarchy. The hierarchy will not be created if the account does not import the needed links.

Please, share with support more details on how the hierarchy is configured for more detailed guidance.

Janis, eazyBI