Importing new calculated field with properties

Looking for a way to create a new calculated field (multiple values), using JS to configure it, and importing also additional properties with it so I could filter, group, and calculate by properties.

For example, the JS will create a field value(s) as follows:

    "name": "1.0",
    "type": "MASTER",
    "branch": "production"
    "name": "1.1",
    "type": "MASTER",
    "branch": "private"

Then, I want the ability to see the values in a hierarchy like type > name or branch>name. At least to have the ability to group by type or branch, or get these properties through a measure.
Currently I succeed in importing in this format, but all I get is:

“KEY: 1.0”

For example, with no other properties, and hierarchies.

Hi @elyashivg

There is no good solution with multiple value hierarchical field import.
Importing hierarchical custom fields are possible if you have a single-select cascading field (Multi-Level cascading custom field): Advanced settings for custom fields
Also, in case of multivalue fields, additional data import is not available.

You may import all three values (name, type, branch) as three separate dimensions, and then combine them in reports.