Importing sprint in custom fields, Sprint not appearing in Agile Dimension section

In an example of a report I am trying to create (Story points burn-down in sprint), I see sprint appear in Agile Dimensions when it’s expanded, in addition to Epic Link. The report uses Sprint Dimension at the Page level.

I read it should be there if I import the Sprint as a custom field, which I did.

It’s not displaying under Agile Dimensions when i go to create a report. All I see is Feature Link. Please help me out if you can.

Hi, @isaburt,

For Sprint and story point analytics, you might want to import Jira Software (or Agile as we call them in eazyBI) fields.

The data import screen should look like in the picture below:

If you have marked data import options as showed above, then you should have two Agile dimensions available for your reports like in the picture below:

Note that Sprint and Epic Link dimensions are created only when there is any data for selected projects; issues that have values in fields Sprint or Epic (see picture below).

If you do not see the option to import Jira Software data as shown above, please contact eazyBI Support. In that case, please provide screenshots of import options, what you have in the Analyse tab when creating a new report, and an issue from Jira that is assigned to some sprint and epic.

Zane /