Is it possibe to count positive and negative numeric entries and show them in a table view?


In the project dimension, I have a calculated measure suming the difference between estimated and used time. I want to count how much are showing a positive balance and how many have burned through their budget.

Right now, I tried a few things but all I’ve been able to produce is a table from the project dimension with each project showing a calculated measure of “1” when it is positive or negative.

I haven’t been able to summarize it to show a simple count.

How would you suggest I approach this?


Hi @patricknimbax,

For such calculation you could use the Count(…) function over Descendants(…) of Project members:

Here is an example of the formula for Spent more than estimated

  Descendants([Project].CurrentMember, [Project].[Project]),
  [Measures].[Hours spent] > 
  CoalesceEmpty([Measures].[Original estimated hours], 0)

Lauma /