Is it possible that no display those value = 0 on the chart

There are 10 of type of status on my jira project and when I review it by Component, I fonud some value of status are 0, but it still show on Bar Chart, as a result, sometime it will cause some misunderstand for user to read it, can help to hide those value = 0 ?

Hi @Vincent ,

We figured it out by e-mail, and I am posting an update here.
The measure “Open issues” is built in a way that it only returns zero if all relevant issues have been resolved within the current applicable time dimension member.
If any issues were created within the current report context - they all got resolved in the same context.

If you want to convert all zeros into empty, you might define a new calculated measure in the Measures dimension with the following expression.

NonZero([Measures].[Open issues])

Oskars /