Is it possible to automatically save exports to PDFs of eazyBI reports?


We have a set of reports created in eazyBI. We currently display them either in a JIRA dashboard through gadgets, or in Confluence pages.

For comparing historical data purposes, we got a request to somehow create a new report to compare reports for previous months.

Could reports be automatically saved somewhere (Confluence page for example) as a snapshot, not as a report that will be updated (I know that manual exports to PDF can be done and saved, but there would be ~ 300 snapshots needed, so manually would take a lot of time).

Any idea is welcomed, API, add-ons, etc.

Thank you!

Just found:
which might be what we need.


I’m happy to see you have found a possible solution! Let me know if the API works for you or if you have further questions regarding this.

Note that another option is to subscribe to get dashboard PDF export to e-mail. In such way you would get a snapshot of the reports in your e-mail on schedule you set up.

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Hi Lauma,

Thank you for the suggestion. We will also consider the subscription option.

can i setup subscriptions for a bunh of people or they will have to go and subscribe individually?

Hi Krishnanand!

eazyBI email subscription is currently limited to use only for the subscription for the user himself. The initial idea was that subscribing others to a dashboard might lead other users to receive the unwanted information.

The workaround now is to subscribe to the dashboard with a user who’s email is an alias forwarding emails to the group of users. We have added this to our backlog for consideration in future releases.

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Thanks, will wait for the feature to be available.