Is possible extract report specific variables by using the api?


I’m trying to use the API eazyBI for Jira server to export the results into an excel file, as we can se on the docs (


The issue that I’m having is that for some reason seems that the varibles that are type “report specific (calculated measures)” cannot be exported and I get an empty excel file once the export is done, but there is no problem of doing this for the user defined ones.

My question is, could be a missconfiguration issue or this kind of variables are not allowed to be exported?

Thanks in advance for your answers!

Hi @Manolo_RecheGiraldez

This is why love our community.
Thank you for noticing and reporting this.

Indeed, there are problems exporting report specific calculated to XLS and CSV using Report results export API in the current version (6.1.2) of eazyBI.
That problem seems to be with the API only and just with 2 file formats because the manual report export works as expected and all other formats also work fine.

We will fix this in one of the closest versions of eazyBI.

Martins / eazyBI support

We added support for report specific measures in report results REST API export with eazyBI version 6.2.

Daina /

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