Is there a difference in load time between reports and dashboards?

Hi ,

We have several EazyBI reports that we display on a Confluence page. Would there be any benefit in changing these reports into a dashboard and then publish that dashboard in Confluence? My main question is if this would provide a faster “load time”.

Many thanks for your input.

Hi @lobke-stembert,

​If you need to publish several reports - the option of putting them on a dashboard is better.

​You might improve performance by not executing the reports that are not always needed. You can do that by collapsing the reports only to be executed upon user request. Please read more about that here - arrange reports on dashboard.
​The page will load faster as only the expanded reports are executed upon initial load.

​​You can also change the page filters for all dashboard reports at once by using a common page filter. Please see more here - common page filter.
​Yet another benefit is the option of exporting all dashboard reports onto one .pdf file for download.

​Oskars /