Is there a way to count issue justification?

I have been trying to find a way to “aggregate” issue justification to understand what were the reasons for canceling the request. For instance, in Issue Justification, you have “0 - Out of scope”, “1 - Insufficient info” and so on, and each Issue Justification has its counting:


REQUEST-20376 → 0 - Out of scope
REQUEST-20377 → 0 - Out of scope
REQUEST-20389 → 1 - Insufficient info
REQUEST-20390 → 1 - Insufficient info
REQUEST-23509 → 1 - Insufficient info
REQUEST-20510 → asjndakjsndjnaskjds
REQUEST-21267 → tyoyottotyoktokkohok


0 - Out of scope → 2
1 - Insufficient info → 3

Is it possible?

Hi @Luiz_Guerra

Try importing “Justification” as a separate dimension from the import options page.
Some Jira custom field types do not support importing the field as a dimension by default.

If you don’t find it available with “dimension” selection, you could try using advanced settings to define the field for dimension import

Then you could use it in rows with measure “Issues created” in columns. That would calculate the number of total issues for each Justification value automatically.

Martins / eazyBI