Issue Additional Assignees:

I’ve managed to find this script for summary
name = “Summary”
data_type = “text”
javascript_code = ‘’’
if (issue.fields.summary)

{ issue.fields.customfield_sumry = issue.fields.summary; }


  1. I am looking for “Issue Additional Assignees”

Not sure how to code this one but would like a list of “additional assignees” names, separated by commas

Hi @Wonga_Somgungqu!

If Additional assignees is not one of Jira standard custom fields and does not show in Jira data import custom field selection, you can add it through Advanced settings. See more here

If this actually is not a custom field and you would need to somehow calculate it (previous assignees, perhaps?), then please let me know more details of the field and report you are looking to build.

Lauma /

Hi Lauma!
I have managed to create this script
name = “Additional Assingee”
data_type = “string”
multiple_values = true
split_by = “,”
javascript_code = ‘’’
if (issue.fields.Additional Assignee){
issue.fields.customfield_13823 = issue.fields.Additional Assignee;
and getting the error “Execution of custom JavaScript code raised the following error:
unterminated string literal”
Any suggestions ?

Hi @Wonga_Somgungqu!

The settings do not seem entirely correct. What is this Jira custom field with ID 13823? With these settings, you are re-defining this custom field.
Additionally, I do not imagine there is a field object in issue named ‘Additional Assignee’ - there is a space in the middle; this usually is not the case for JSON objects.

You can test your JavaScript for a particular issue on the import screen
If you would need assistance with the calculated JavaScript field, please send a JSON of an issue that has the Additional Assignees field to

  • You can get the JSON by modifying the URL of the issue replacing browse with rest/api/latest/issue and then add ?expand=changelog at the end of the URL. Save the JSON results of the issue as the file and send it to me.
  • let us know the ID of the Additional Assignees field or, in business words, how to calculate it.

Lauma /