Issue burn up in sprint not showing all data

Hi, i am reusing the Issue Burn-Up by sprint, but for some reason it is not showing all the items in my sprint.
In my sprint, i have items from multiple projects. It is showing from 2 out of 3 projects. Why is that? I copied it as is. What am i doing wrong?

Hi @Meytal-BM

​I recommend to start with verifying whether all required projects are selected for import into eazyBI.
​If all relevant projects are imported into the report, I suggest identifying an issue that you would expect to see in a particular project, but you don’t see it there and do some troubleshooting on this demo report :
Sprint issue review - Issues - Jira Demo - eazyBI
​You could filter the report on the issue you identified and see what results are returned - that should give some clarity regarding what values are being returned. Maybe the issue doesn’t doesn’t show in your burn-up chart due to the filter criteria.

​If it is still not clear why the report doesnt return the expected results, please contact us at and send us your report definition. It would also be very beneficial if you could send a JSON of the issue you would expect to see in the report:
​Get JSON of the issue:
Open an issue in Jira. Modify the URL of the issue replacing browse with rest/api/latest/issue and then add ?expand=changelog at the end of the URL. Save the JSON results of the issue as the file and send it to me.

Best wishes,

Elita from