Issue cycles days

Hi Team,

I tried to create a report with each issue cycle to measure no of days the issue in a particular status as attached below.

But it was not pulling the cycle days even the issue in progress days it was not calculating the days vice versa with other statuses(testing blocked etc…) as shown below.

Hi @team

Can someone please respond

Hi @MaheshwarReddy,

The <cycle> days measure will return a result for completed cycles. Please see more details here - Issue cycles.

Suppose you wish to see the duration even in the current status. In that case, I recommend you look at the “Issue days in selected status” report from our Demo account - Issue days in selected status - Issues - Jira Demo - eazyBI. But that will involve manually defining the cycle in a calculated measure or Transition Status dimension member. Also, the calculation iterates through issues, slowing the report execution, especially compared to the predefined measures.

Roberts //

Hi @roberts.cacus

Can you please share the calculated measures for in progress testing blocked ready for release, done statuses.