Issue Hierarchy based on Issue field




I am currently evaluating eazyBI for Jira (Servicedesk) and by this fairly new to eazyBI. I have seen different articels related to hierarchies, which all involve links between the issues itself.

My challenge is the following - I have multiple different issue types and within one issue type I have a custom field in Jira, which categorizes this issue further - like the following:

  • ITEM-1 (Issue Type: A, Category: Cat 5)
  • ITEM-2 (Issue Type: A, Category: Cat 6)
  • ITEM-3 (Issue Type: B)
  • ITEM-4 (Issue Type: A, Category: Cat 5)

I would like to have an operation similar to an SQL “GROUP BY Category”. I assume that a hierarchy is the right way to go for (so that the first level is the Issue Type, second level is category and third level would be the issues), but I am unsure about how to create the right hierarchy settings within the Advanced Settings section and how to reference the existing field in the issue correctly.

Can you give me an example for this challenge?