Issue in Rows and Pages but at. different hierarchies

We are using Advanced Roadmaps and Jira and have a hierarchy of
→ Themes → Initiatives → Saga → Epics → Stories etc

I want to be able to create an “Issue” report where the Rows are at an Initiative level, but the pages are filtered by Saga.
I have created the report in the attached screenshot but the problem is that it is forcing me to have the same hierarchy level in the rows and the pages.

Is it possible to have 2 different hierarchy levels in Issues in the rows and the pages?

My objective is to create a report which filters by a set list of Sagas, but the report is organised by the parent Initiatives and can be drilldown to the children

Thank you

Hi @clarechawke

If you import the Advanced Roadmaps hierarchy, eazyBI will create a dimension called “Advanced Roadmaps Saga” that you could use as a page filter.

But you can not select in page filters a lower hierarchy level than used in rows from the same dimension.

Martins / eazyBI

Thanks Martins
Thats what I thought but I just wanted to confirm. Thanks for your reply.
We have the Saga type imported so I can get the reports you showed in your example. Its just the limiation on the selecting different levels that was the problem for me. I can work around it