Issue Resolution Problems

I’ve noticed on quite a few issues that when they are in Status.Category.Done the issue is still listed as unresolved. Is it possible to get the last transition date to Status.Category Done as a replacement for Resolved/Resolution Date? If so, examples would be much appreciated.


Many eazyBI metrics are based on issue resolution date, starting with measures “Issues resolved”, “Open issues”, and Sprint scope measures when eazyBI considers issues as completed. Keeping data aligned might pay off in the long run.

We also have a data quality report you can export from the Demo account and import into your eazyBI to see if there are any resolved issues without resolution or not closed statuses: Test data quality for resolved Issues - Issues - Jira Demo - eazyBI.

However, there there is an alternative, you may use issues cycles to define the “In progress” phase. eazyBI will generate additional property “Issue end date”.
Here are more details on issue cycles, how to define them and what metrics and properties eazyBI creates for you: Issue cycles.

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Very much appreciated Zane!