Issue showing twice as it passed twice for X Status

Hi all!

I’m having the following problem: I have 1 ticket that was Reopened twice and is being shown twice in bar charts/tables, but not counted twice as I’m using ‘Issues Created Count’ (so the Total is showing the correct number of Issues Created). How can I solved this problem? (for Reopened or any issue passing ‘twice’ for a Status).
Other statuses are, WIP, PENDING USER, etc. I would like to prevent showing the table/charts like that, is it possible?


Hi @GRMJ ,
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Measure “Issues created count” shows current issue status, the issue shouldn’t be counted twice, even if it has transitioned twice to the same status.
For issue historical analysis, issue history measures and dimensions should be used in eazyBI.

What surprises me is the look of your table header. Because the table have two columns with one header which is not a typical view in eazyBI. Can you please export and your report definition so I can check your report structure?

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