Issue Start Date

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Please, I am trying to create a Gantt chart and I am not finding a way to add the Issue Start Date as a measure. I found the due date, but I cannot find the start date. I found the issue created date, but that is not the same thing. I am looking for the start date of the task or sub-task, which can be different from the creation of the task or sub-task.

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eazyBI imports only standard fields by default. You can import custom fields, like start date and many others by explicitly selecting them for import.

You can import a date custom field as property. This will give you a property Issue Start date you can use for a Gantt chart with Issues on Rows.
You can import a date custom field as a measure. This will give you measures like Issues with start date. That will count how many issues have a start date and show this count of issues on a timeline using Time dimension.

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