Issue time dimensions

Hi Team,

I am looking for a report with the below:

Time from New to Assigned
In Progress to Resolved time for an issue
Issue Created to Issue Resolution Date time

Maheshwar Reddy Maccha

Hi @MaheshwarReddy,

If you require the duration an issue was unassigned from its creation until the first assignee, define a new calculated measure with the formula below:

  -- issue created date
  [Issue].CurrentHierarchyMember.Get('Created at'),
  -- date of first assignee
    [Measures].[Transition from first timestamp],
    [Transition Field].[Assignee],

The calculated measure will return an empty value if the assignee was assigned during the issue creation. To replace the empty value with a zero, you can use the CoalesceEmpty() function.

For the second requirement, I recommend issue cycles - Issue cycles.

You can use the “Average resolution days” measure for the last requirement. It will display the total resolution days for individual issues and an average for grouped issues. To display the total for all scenarios, define a new calculated measure referencing the hidden measure “Total resolution days”.

Look at the eazyBI documentation page for more information on defining calculated measures -​Calculated measures and members.

Roberts //