Issues Closed/Deployed after Sprint End Date is not counted under Sprint

We would like to add business value chart in EazyBI. But it seems that issues which were marked for deployment during the sprint and deployed after the Sprint end date are not counted in the Sprint. Appreciate any help on this.

Hi, @Revathi

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Issues not finished at sprint closing are not counted in the sprint. We have the measure “Sprint issues at closing” - sprint issues at the moment when the sprint was closed.

To ignore the sprint consider creating a new calculated measure with a tuple. Please read more about how a tuple works here: Tuple

The formula should look something like this. Please double-check the Transition Status name.

([Measures].[Sprint issues at closing],
 [Transition Status].[Deployed])


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Thank you ilze.
I am looking for Business Value and it does not work like Sprint issues. Any thoughts on the Business Value in eazyBI?

Hi, @Revathi

Thank you for waiting patiently! I didn’t see your reply; sorry for not answering sooner!

If the business value is a numeric custom field used on Jira issues, you can import the changes for the custom field. Please read more here: Import issue change history

Then use the custom field change in a tuple to show the business value at the sprint closing:

  [Measures].[Business value added],
  [Transition Field].[Sprint status],
  [Sprint Status].[Closed],
  [Issue Sprint Status Change].[Active => Closed],
  [Transition Status].[Deployed]

If this solution isn’t what you are looking for, please send more details to our support:


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Thank you Ilze for your response. It is still not helping, so I have sent an email to support email.