Issues completed outside the sprint


I am looking for a bar chart which represents the issues completed outside the sprint. I already found the measure ‘Sprint issues completed’, but this is a combination of the issues which are completed inside and outside the sprint.

In the picture below you can find the partition i am looking for in EazyBI.

Is that possible in EazyBI?


Hi Gijs,

There are several other measures in eazyBI designed for the sprint scope reporting.
You can check the documentation on that for more:

Please, find here the formula for finding the issues completed outside the sprint. The idea is that those issues are in the done status category already at the beginning of the sprint:

([Measures].[Sprint issues committed],
 [Transition Status.Category].[Done])

You can also check the “Sprint issues not completed” for some other possible definition of the issues completed outside the sprint.

Janis, eazyBI support