Issues listed as (No board) (No sprint)


I created a report to show all issues in each sprint.

I got a row in the table of (No Borad), (No sprint) which i cannot explain since many of the issues there are related to specific sprints, most of them to sprints which were already completed.

What makes an issue categorized as (No Borad), (No sprint)?

it makes my report not reliable because i don’t see the full list of issues within a sprint.

Thanks for the help.


if you use the Issues created measure the (No Board) (No sprint) counts also the issues in eazyBI which are unresolved at the sprint completion. The best way to create sprint reports is to use the measures designed for the sprint reporting. There are several of them allowing to calculate issues committed to the sprint, Issues completed during the sprint, Issues not completed etc.

Please, see the documentation for more details:

Janis, eazyBI support