Issues Resolved measure based on different (custom) datetime field

Hi all,

In our Jira, we’ve created a custom field/automation to fill in a ResolutionDateTime field after we’ve done a field visit for the customer (fix in field datetime so to say). What we’d like to do now is to track our SLA timers (breached vs not breached) based on this ResolutionDateTime field instead of the usual Resolved date.

To do so, I figured I’d need to somehow recreate the Issues Resolved measures to group by this ResolutionDateTime field instead of the field it normally does, but I have no idea how this Issues Resolved measure is built up. Would anyone know how to do this?

(Using Issues Resolved in the SLA met % / SLA not met % is not going to work because the status can pingpong, e.g: Resolved → Cancelled → Resolved → Closed. This would move de Resolved date (which I dont want), but the ResolutionDateTime (field fix date) will remain the same.)

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Once you import the “ResolutionDateTime” field as measure from the import options page, there should be a new measure “Issues with ResolutionDateTime” available for selection.
It would count issues by the value in the ResolutionDateTime, and you could use that measure instead of the original “Issues resolved” with the periods.

Martins / eazyBI

Never noticed this, happened to be exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!