Issues showing as resolved in eazyBI when not in JIRA

Why do i see items in Issues resolved in eazyBI but not in JIRA

here is the JIRA status

but this item is listed in the resolved list in the EazyBI data

Is there something we need to do to fix the data source sync from JIRA?

Hi @gtcl,
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Issues resolved measure shows resolved issues that have resolution and resolution date and doesn’t take into account what is the status of the issue. You can here information about eazyBI predefined measures/dimensions and description of them -

From the printscreen you share this issue shouldn’t be part of the Issues resolved measure. As this isn’t a normal behavior of the measure it needs more investigation with your data.

Here are some of the reasons why this could happen:

If you still have trouble with this the best would be to contact us directly via support email so we can take a look at your data.

Gerda //

Was this ever solved? I have the same issue, seems to only occur with Epic and Story types.