Issues/Story Points Resolved and Cumulative Issues/Story Points initial values not equal

Have a problem with Cumulative Issues/Story Points resolved initial value not equal to the Issues/Story Points resolved initial value. The problem has been identified with users adjusting (won’t call it what it really is) issues to more current Sprints after resolution (i.e. resolution was in Sprint 1 but the issue has been updated to reflect Sprint 3 while resolution date remains within Sprint 1).

While Story Points/Issues resolution correctly identifies the correct count within the Sprint(s), Cumulative Issues/Story Points does not. Below is the Cumulative Story Points resolved measure extracted from the Active (multiple) sprints story points burn-down - Issues - Jira Demo - eazyBI example report:

    [Measures].[Story Points resolved]

What I need is for Cumulative Issues/Story Points resolved to reflect only resolution dates that occur within the Sprint start/end dates, irrespective of what subsequent Sprint is listed in the issue (i.e resolution would not be counted if the resolution date does not fall within the selected Sprint(s)). The function DateBetween([Measures].[Resolution date], [Measures].[Sprint actual start date], [Measures].[Sprint actual end date]) doesn’t seem to work.

Help please.

Hello @AWPPMT,

Reading through your case, I would recommend you to use standard calculation → cumulative sum (see screenshot below) or function CumulativeSum:
CumulativeSum([Measures].[Story Points resolved]

This calculation will work with visible rows (time period) in your report.
The formula in the demo report that you referred to, collects story points from previous periods as well. That is the reason why in your situation (when resolved issues in previous sprints are moved to active sprints) it doesn’t return the results you are looking for.


Let me know if I missed something and you have some further questions!

Kind regards,

Elita from