Items delivered by completion date-not created date


We have a custom field where we assign ‘Headcount Savings’ to an Epic to help calculate how much work has been automated over the course of a year.

The problem we are running into is some epics have been created in previous years. So when I try and see headcount savings based on years, or based on the current year. This is causing the number we delivered this year to be deflated and the number delivered previous year to be inflated…

I understand that with rule #2 we are stuck with time dimension being mapped to only ‘Created Date’. What would be a workaround I could implement?

Hi @mikeprice17
You can import your “Headcount savings” as measures and it will create a set of different measures that can be related to the Time dimension by other dates (not only issue created date).
For example:

  • “Headcount savings resolved” that are related by issue resolution date
  • “Headcount savings closed” that are related by issue close date
  • or even with other custom date picker fields “Headcount savings with custom date” that would link the number field to Time dimension by a custom date picker field.

See more here “Totals of custom number fields” and “Measures with custom date fields”: Custom Fields - eazyBI for Jira

Gerda //