Kanban Features!

Bi-weekly hierarchy
Easy deviation calculated members
Easier way to total running sums for easier reporting along side scrum and other teams

Thank you for the ideas!

  1. Bi-weekly hierarchy
    I agree this could be a really cool improvement for those who have 2-week iterations. I added this feature request to our development backlog.
    Meanwhile, check the workaround in eazyBI demo account how to build bi-weekly report:

  2. Easy deviation calculated members
    In eazyBI you can use standard deviation function Stdev() for calculations already. The syntax is similar to other aggregate functions:
    Stdev(<set>,<numeric expression>)

  3. An easier way to total running sums alongside scrum and other teams
    I hear you on this! Making the most common functions more accessible to users would improve report creation experience and save some trouble. I added this use case to our development backlog.
    Meanwhile, check a workaround in eazyBI demo account how to calculate running sum using aggregate and Tail() functions:

Zane / support@eazyBI.com

Thanks! showing bi-weekly only using [Time.Weekly].CurrentMember.Key -
Fix([Time.Weekly].CurrentMember.Key / 2) * 2 worked!

Can you explain what the MDX is doing here though so I can understand the solution? what are you dividing by 2 then multiplying?

Starting eazyBI 5.0 version there is an option to add standard calculations to the measures, see https://docs.eazybi.com/eazybi/analyze-and-visualize/create-reports#Createreports-Addstandardcalculationsbasedonaselectedmeasure.