LDAP Set up failing

Hi All,

We are configuring EazyBI server to read the users from LDAP (AD ) for Private Eazybi and getting error. Can someone please help here. Below is the toml file changes that were done.

Set LDAP server host and port

host = “ldap server”
port = 389

Specify which LDAP attribute contains the username that will be used for LDAP login

attribute = “uid”

If connecting to Active Directory then use the following LDAP attribute

attribute = “sAMAccountName”

Specify which LDAP attribute (or attributes) contains the user full name

which will be stored as eazyBI user full name for new users

name_attribute = [“givenname”, “sn”]

Specify user search base path

base = [

Set to true if SSL should be used for LDAP connection

ssl = false

Specify full LDAP username template that should be used to bind to LDAP server

if anonymous LDAP search is disabled. Not needed if admin_user setting is used.

username_template = “{{attribute}}={{login}},{{base}}”

If connecting to Active Directory then use the following template

and replace DOMAIN with your AD domain name (double \ should be used for )

username_template = “DOMAIN\{{sAMAccountName}}”

Uncomment if group membership should be checked

group_base = “ou=groups,dc=test,dc=com”

check_group_membership = true

If only a group name is given, membership will be checked against “uniqueMember”

required_groups = [




If an array is given, the first element will be the attribute to check against, the second the group name

required_groups = [

[“moreMembers”, “cn=users,ou=groups,dc=test,dc=com”]


Uncomment to use Active Directory recursive check of user groups and sub-groups

ad_group_check = true

Uncomment and set proper values for admin user (dn) and password if you use admin to bind

Admin user should be used if group membership should be checked

admin_user = “cn=example.admin@test.com,ou=people,dc=test,dc=com”

admin_password = “admin_secret”

If connecting to Active Directory then specify the admin user using domain name and admin user name

admin_user = “DOMAIN\admin_user_name”

Uncomment to enable LDAP logging in eazybi-web.log

log = true

Hello Anusha,

Please send eazyBI log files to our support email support@eazybi.com.
You can collect them from EAZYBI_HOME/log directory.

Best regards,
Janis Baiza / eazyBI support