Limit the time dimension when used as report filter

We have a report with data that only goes back to 2017. But when I put the Time dimension in Pages as a drop down filter, it will show years BEFORE 2017 and YEARS after this year.

How can I limit the Time dimension to just periods with data in the report?

eazyBI adds members to Time dimension only if there is some activity/imported metrics on that date. eazyBI will create date memebrs relaed with any Jira issue date you are importing in the account. We also import dates for Sprints, and Versions. Check if there is some custom JavaScript custom fields generating dates or related with time dimension.

In addition you would like to check other data sources (additional data import or custom cube) in the same account.

You can deselect or delete any dates generating dates in the past. You would like to Empty the cube in Analyze tab to delete any import data. Then run an import in Source data. This import after emptying the cube will import only relevant data.

Daina /