Line Chart - Colour Lock


I have created a line chart (area) with few characteristics in pages (time, team). There are 3 measures (A, B and C) for which I set some colours. Unfortunately colours changes when I change selection criteria (buttons on top - team).

How can I lock the colours so they will be the same despite the team I chose?

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Hi @Paul1

Could you please share more details and perhaps export your report definition?

I could not repeat the behavior on my sandbox (version 6.2). Colors (set manually for measures) remain after I change page filters in my report.

A different scenario could be when you add a report to eazyBI dashboard and then change color on the report within a dashboard.
Dashboard won’t save colors automatically on report.
You would need to save changes on the report view and then reload the dashboard with new colors.

Martins / eazyBI support

Hi Martins,

I’ve modified my report as advised by Daina Tupule (remove custom field from column and leave it in pages only) and it works.

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