Linked task are not showing in the Report hierarchy

My Project setup is like EPIC → Story → Task. I’m trying to create an hierarchy which should show EPIC → Stories linked to that EPIC → tasks linked to the Stories. In the current report I’m able to see the EPICS and the related stories. By Linked tasks are not showing. I Tried to import linked issues as new dimension. In that case the linked issues are showing. I need to see the tasks in the same hierarchy.

Can some one help to figure it out.


Hi @Tony_Thomas,

You can build a new issue hierarchy in the Issue dimension that would order all issues in four levels:

  1. Epic
  2. Story
  3. Task (and the rest of the issues that are not epics, stories, or subtasks)
  4. Sub-tasks

You might want to use the example “Separate hierarchy level for Story between parent and epic” from documentation as a base for your hierarchy: Additional Issue hierarchies.

You might want to remove the “Feature” level and update the inward_link for Story to specify how Story and Tasks are related.

Zane /