List bugs formula

Hi guys,

I need to create a simple report with bugs amount peer day. When I use predefined formula the problem is if issue was resolved it’s gonna be deleted from all the days. What I expect is to get total amount of unresolved bugs in given day in the past.
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We suggest using measure Open issues on Columns for the report and Issue type dimension with selection Bug on Pages. This measure will show you open bugs over time.

You can check out a report from Samples folder Sample created vs resolved issues we create in any account by default if you are importing sample reports. Here is this sample report in our demo account. The report uses measures Issues created and Issues resolved to represent incoming and outcoming issues, Open issues at any period, and the average time for resolution.

Please make sure you are not using filters on Pages by Status or Resolution that removed issues already resolved.

Daina /

Hi, is a similar sample report and functionality available for JIRA plugin? (I think it’s related to JIRA as on the top right I see a button “Jira Demo” but just want to be sure before I ask our Jira admins to install trial version)