List issues on all recent/last sprint across projects

Hello, I need to develop an eazyBI report that shows:

  • all issues across the most recent sprint across multiple teams and projects.
  • all issues that were completed across in the last sprint across multiple teams and projects.

Can you please guide me on how to achieve this requirement? Thank you for your help in advance.

Hi, @aagarwal

Welcome to the eazyBI community.

Are all those issues in the same or multiple sprints?
How do you define a team - is it using the boards or a special custom field?

Please get inspired in our DEMO account. One of the reports you might want to look into is: Sprint issue balance. The report tracks Sprint issue balance per sprint within a board: how many issues were included in the sprint (committed or added later) and how many issues were completed, removed, or left unresolved in the sprint.

If you have multiple sprints, please check out our Multiple Sprint Dashboard: Multiple sprints - Jira Demo - eazyBI

You can export the report definitions from our DEMO account and import them into your account to test them on your data. Please find the instructions here: Export and import report definitions