List linked issues by Assignee


I have successfully created a linked property as follows

#Test Cases blocked by Defect - Defect view
name = “Blocked Test Cases”
outward_link = “blocks” #direction from Defect
issue_type = “Test”
dimension = true

Above worked great if I have listed all defects and shows all the test cases that are blocked by each defect (separated by comma).

What i am trying to achieve is to list the same test cases by Assignee. I would like to list all the assignee and add a column that shows all linked test cases by assignee. Is there a way to achieve this?

Screenshot below shows list of assignees with defect priority counts. Would like to add a column that lists all linked issues with linked type “blocks” (# of test cases blocked by defects assigned to the assignee) .

Another question - Can I combine dimension counts? For eg, how can i get a count of Issues that have Priority = Critical AND Severity = (Critical OR High).

Please advise.



You would like to access the Blocked Test cases dimension to get this counter.

      Descendants([Blocked Test Cases].Currentmember, [Blocked Test Cases].[Blocked Test Cases]),
      -- filter out Blocked Test Cases related to issues in report
      ([Measures].[Issues created],
      [Time].CurrentHierarchy.Defaultmember) > 0),
    -- search for Blocked Test Cases in Issue dimension, use in a tuple with measure, assignee and time, ignore anything else with DefaultContext    
      [Measures].[Issues created],
      [Assignee].CurrentMember, -- filter linked issues by assignee
      [Time].CurrentHierarchyMember, -- filter linked issues by time
      [Blocked Test Cases].DefaultMember
    )) > 0

The formula might work slow in accounts with a lot of issues. You can consider an alternative by importing a new field with calculated javascript code counting issues with a particular link:
In this community post there is an example at the end of the thread:

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