List of Assignees in Member function

Hi All,

I am trying to build a report using EasyBI by importing data from JIRA. I want to filter by assignees. For example, I know there will be 5 members from my team going to work on all cases. And I want to use their names to filter for all kinds of reports.

I don’t want to go and select each time Multiple options and select their name. which is difficult for me. I want to predefine one group and put their name. planning to use that group/function every where

Is there any way to define their names in Measures?

I even tried the following

  [Assignee].[Monica Walker],
  [Assignee].[Patrick Lewis],
  [Assignee].[Sandra Adams]

Hi @SAM2022,

Welcome to the eazyBI community!

I recommend using a formula similar to the one you posted in a calculated member in the Assignee dimension instead of Measures. Please see the eazyBI documentation page on defining calculated members in other dimensions - Calculated measures and members.

Once you have created the calculated member in the Assignee dimension, aggregating the desired users, you can use the Assignee dimension in report pages and select the calculated member. Please see more details on report pages here - Create reports.

Suppose you want to apply the users only to a specific metric. You can define a new calculated measure in Measures referencing the Assignee dimension calculated member in a tuple. See more details on tuples here - Calculated measures.

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