Live tracking of issues from current Month to next Month

Hi all,

I have created a EazyBi report that shows Issues due This Mont and Issues Due next Month, however it is static.

I am wondering if I can get to update daily i.e. reflect issues due in this month being completed or issues due next month being added to or completed early.

I have added the following to the Time Dimension
Issues due next Month

Issues Due This Month

How can I have this count “live”.

Thanks in advance.


Hi @David_Horne,

Please elaborate on what you mean by:

How can I have this count “live”.

eazyBI will update the issues due this and next month on data import. If you create an issue due this month, the number will go up after the data import. If you resolve an issue due next month, this issue will disappear from “Issues due” next month.

Roberts //

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Hi @roberts.cacus , by "live, I mean on refresh or import. I have it set to import daily at 4am.

I think you have answered my question, all my reports will update daily if there has been a change made in Jira.



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