Locking or Freezing common filters in EazyBI Dashboard

I have created multiple common page level filters in eazyBI dashboard
My Dashboard has many Reports, so that user have to scroll down to see the reports at the bottom of the page
In those cases, the user does not have any clue, of what common filters he had selected
So if there is a way to lock/.freeze the common filter, it would be good how ever the user scroll the page

Hi @Radha ,

The applied common page filters in eazyBI dashboards are visible in each report where applicable. For example, please see the dashboard in the eazyBI Demo account - Chart Types - Jira Demo - eazyBI. It has a common page filter for the Project dimension. The selected value is visible in every report with the Project dimension in pages.
For other reports, where the dimension is not in pages, the filter is not affecting the results. Thus, the common page filter value is not visible in the report.

In summary, some of the reports might not be affected by the selected common page filters. For that reason, the page filter values will not be visible in the reports. However, for affected reports, you will see it for each report.

See more details on eazyBI dashboard common page filters here - Create dashboards.

Roberts // support@eazybi.com

Thanks Roberts… Make sense!

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