Logged by group get estimate

I’ve cretead graphic that compares logged and estimated time.

But when I’m switching to individueal group, I’v getting Original Estimate as empty:

But estimation is not empty (it’s from drill into issues):

how can i fix it to get estimation for issues with hours spent in logged by group dimension?

Hi @e.buturlya ,

The measure “Original estimated hours” is related to Issues and Time.
The dimensions Logged by and Logged by Group are related to worklogs.
Please see more about Jira core measures and dimensions here.

Once you select a specific member from Logged by Group - the report context cannot return the value.
The solution is to “immunize” the measure from the dimension that is not relevant by addressing the DefaultMember of that dimension.

Applying a filter on the Time dimension makes the situation even more complicated.
Since the “Original estimated hours” is linked to the moment of issue creation - it will only return value if the issue is created within the filtered period. Hours are logged against the issue after the creation. Therefore you might have to address DefaultMember of the Time dimension as well to see the estimate for the same issues that got the time logged.

For the measure “Original estimated hours” and the dimension “Logged by Group” the expression would be as follows.

([Measures].[Original estimated hours],
[Logged by Group].DefaultMember,

This expression would return the Original estimated hours but those will be hours for all the issues.

The next step is to consider estimated hours only for the issues that got the time logged within the selected period.
You might do that with the following expression.

   [Measures].[Hours spent]>0
([Measures].[Original estimated hours],
 [Logged by Group].DefaultMember,

However, this might also have difficulties with issues stretching over several periods as the Original estimated hours would be counted in full for each period while the logged hours will split according to the fact. Also, the issues not worked on might be missed from the calculation of estimated hours.

If multiple groups work on the same issues, this approach would compare a handful of apples - work done by one group - to a basket of pears - estimated work for all groups.

Another alternative is to consider the “Assignee” dimension instead of “Logged by” and compare “Original estimated hours” of issues created within the current period against the “Hours spent” on assigned issues created anytime. That would compare the new work added to the work delivered for the same group of users.

Oskars / support@eazyBI.com