Managing Accounts thru API/CLI

Is the a way to manage(create, modify, delete) Accounts:

  • Users
  • Source data ( Jira import options)

thru CLI/API?


Hi EazyBi support team ,

Even I am looking for similar thing. Is the a option to create cube for CSV external file and import data into cube and publish the report through API’s? Can we manage all the above activities without using eazyBi GUI? I need to manage all the above activities through API.


Hi @grzesiekz and @Kiruthika

Unfortunately, eazyBI doesn’t have an option to manage eazyBI accounts, source data import options, and reports via command-line interface nor API.

One thing that could come in handy is the Jira Source application definition export and import. With it, you can replicate one eazyBI account Jira source application import options and re-use them in several other eazyBI accounts. Please read more about this on our documentation page -

The same option is available for SQL and REST API data sources.

You can replicate reports and dashboards from one account to another by exporting the definition of all the reports or dashboards and importing them in another eazyBI account. Please have a look at the eazyBI documentation page for more information -

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