MATCHES fails on some text but not others

I am trying to use the MATCHES function to see if two text fields match. It works great for some, and says true, but fails for others. The pattern I see is that it doesn’t like parantheses.

Example that works

  • Field A: Release 1.2.3
  • Field B: Release 1.2.3
    *MATCHES = true

Example that fails

  • Field A: Release 1.2.3 (Major)
  • Field B: Release 1.2.3 (Major)
  • MATCHES = false

Am I right? And if so, is there a workaround?

Hi @coachleigh

Yes, you are correct; that is the problem.

To avoid this, please create two new measures that take the existing ones and remove the “(” and “)”.

The formula for the new measure A should look something like this:

Replace(Replace([Measures].[Field A],"(",""),")","")

And for the new measure B, something like this:

Replace(Replace([Measures].[Field B],"(",""),")","")

After this, you should match the new measures.