Measure average computation taking into account or not last period


I’ve a throughput report with:
Pages: Project, Fix Version, Time
Rows: Time
Measure: Throughput (calculated measure of the number of issues reaching a specific status in the workflow per unit of time).

Time dimension is part of Pages to allow the selection of different ranges (Year to date, Last 6 months…), some of the ranges including the current ongoing period (let’s say current month which is not yet finished).

I want to add on the report the two following calculated measures:
Average throughput
Here, I want either to take into account all members in the table or exclude the last one if it corresponds to the current ongoing period (let’s say current month not yet finished).
So, I cannot use predefined calculated average which uses VisibleRowsSet() that takes into account all rows of the table.

Rolling average throughput.
Average throughput with previous 3 months window.

Could you please help me to build those 2 calculated measures.


Kind Regards,

I’m looking for the same answer here, did you figure it out?