Measure for count of issues in a status where work logs have not been created daily

We are trying to set up a metric where we can measure how diligent developers are with daily issue updates. We would like to measure any issue where status = “In Progress” and know how many issue had an update on a given day. Ideally, we would also like to look at this by assignee. Any ideas?

Hi @EdP,

You might want to use historical measures (based on issue change history) to analyze activities on issues on a specific date or period.

For example, for your report, you might want to set measures Transition to status and Transition from status on columns, Time dimension on rows and Transition Status dimension with selected value “In Progress” on pages to see how many issues entered and exited status “In Progress” on selected period. You may add Assignee dimension to see who was assigned to an issue at the time or add dimension Transition Author to see who moved issues through workflow (see picture below).

If you would like to know how many issues were in status “In Progress” at each period (or day) then you may add measure Issues history to the report. Note that measure Issue history won’t represent any data when specific transition authors are selected for the report as measure Issues history is not related to Transition Author dimension.

For more details what historical measures are available and what each of them represent, see the documentation:

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