Measure to pull through count of issues in sprint that are Waiting for Development

Hello, I’m trying to get put a measure together to pull through the count of issues that are on the sprint board ‘(no board)’ were the status is ‘Waiting for Development’.

The below pulls through the count of all issues on the board ‘(no board)’:

Aggregate([Sprint].[(no board)])
[Measures].[Issue status] = “Waiting for Development”

Any ideas how to make it work so it also filters on the right status?

Thanks in advance

The formula should filter out issues in a specific status Waiting for Development.

You would like to use some measure in any calculation if you would like to take into account dimensions in the report. See more about measures and properties here:

In this case, you can use a tuple to address all issues (all created issues) in a particular status (waiting for development) in no board. Here is an example formula,

([Measures].[Issues created],
 [Sprint].[(no board)],
 [Status].[Waiting for Development])

In my report this formula represents the To Do issues in no board:

You can omit the specific Status from the tuple and use the status dimension to split results by current status:

([Measures].[Issues created],
 [Sprint].[(no board)])

In my report, this formula represents issues in no board. I used an option to drill into Status for this particular measure.

We have an example report in our demo account for overview in epics based on sprints and story points. You can use this report as inspiration as well. When you would like to combine previous progress in sprints and backlog data, we suggest addressing sprint dimension in formulas instead of using in the report directly.

Daina /

Thanks Daina works perfectly - much appreciated!