Measure to Sum Average workdays in transition status Shows No Data

I created a measure to sum the ‘Average workdays in transition status’ so we can see our in progress cycle time for specific transitions like development, Testing(QA) and Blocked. The drill into issue is showing no data or occasionally will drill into issue but there are very few, like 5 when there should be 100.

Ultimately the problem is that leadership does not want to see the average of all the average in progress and wants each status category average to add up together to provide a average number of workdays the team takes each sprint for time in ransitions like development, Testing(QA) and Blocked.

Hi @ldelon,

I recommend using the Transition Status dimension to see the division of the average between statuses. If your management requires division by status categories, you can use the Transition Status dimension “By category” hierarchy, with the option to see individual statuses.

See more details regarding issue change history import here - Import issue change history.

Please share more details about the report if I didn’t answer your request fully.

Roberts //